Go Into A Dungeon And Die

I made this for my D&D group to play during lockdown, for days when part of the crew couldn't make it or the GM hadn't finished a new adventure yet. So it's a little bit unpolished, with stuff missing from each version.

The idea is that it has almost no rules, and you run an oldschool bullshit meat grinder. Whenever your character dies - which they will - you just roll up a new one and they show up as soon as convenient.

We actually played a lot of this, it's good dumb fun.

Original one-page version

The original version. It has no GM's section, because the person who made it was also the GM, so why would you need one. Pretty funny to read, also already fun to play.

First character roller

Automatically roles characters for you, and has a very funny name generator.

In retrospect, it's missing something that says "you succeed if you roll under the relevant stat on 1d10."

Early GM's notes

Just a plain text file of tables to roll when you're the GM.

Second character roller

My players demanded some sort of roleplaying prompt to their characters, so this version adds random motivations and character quirks.

First GM's room roller

This rolls random rooms for you, plus puts any enemy stats in a box.

The styling isn't great, because this was mostly something for me.

Third character roller

This version has more content, and does neat things like roll exactly what your animal companion is on a subtable.

The ability to roll stuff on arbitrary subtables made it so the visual styling got away from me, though.

Second GM's room roller

There's a fancy L-grammar + motif based generator in this one, so sometimes it can really come up with something out there.

Like everything in version 3, the styling got away from me.