Noisy Owl

Noisy Owl is a fake indie game studio. What does that mean?

It means it's just some guy. For now that means this is just some hybrid portfolio website and blog. The sneaky truth is that those plus making indie games is all it takes to be an actual indie game studio, and I'm apparently making those again, so my insistence that Noisy Owl is a fake studio is purely pretense. But we're going with it because it makes me feel like I have permission to suddenly disappear, and feeling like I'm allowed to suddenly disappear makes me less likely to suddenly disappear.

The website itself is a remedy for the fact that there were somehow no remaining places on the internet featuring procedural art or parallax scrolling written by me. We're all safe from that horrible fate now. Maybe I'll throw in some particle effects, just to prove that I can find a way to do that tastefully. The backend is powered by about 300 lines of Java and the templating library is printf.

I'll write about my current game project soon. In the meantime, the front page has both a demo of it and a link to Hero Trap, a roguelike I wrote last year which is actually very good, although if you're not used to traditional roguelikes it will eat you.

Published 2018/08/15